Laura offers a variety of services for those wishing to begin or advance their personal practice of yoga, meditation and mindfulness.

- Private Lessons: One on one instruction in yoga for beginners to advanced students in alignment-based vinyasa and Kundalini

- Guided Meditations: One on one or small group guided meditation to help re-wire the brain and bring more peace into your daily life.

-eYoga and eMeditation: Online version of private yoga or meditation classes offered in one on one setting or small group. 

-Children's Yoga and Meditation: One on one or small group instruction in your home to practice and provide tools to bring mindfulness home and promote peace in all areas of life.

-Personal Kundalini Numerology: One on one sessions to better understand your challenges and gifts through the Kundalini system of numerology with personal practice and coaching for your chosen timeframe (40 days, 120 days, 1,000 days).